Snow Capsules Trio Pack


Snow Capsule by Gluta Frozen – Japan Formula, Manufactured in Thailand.

Note: Capsule is NOT FOR INGESTION (Not for Ingestion). For external use only.

X10 Whitening than other brands. Try for a week and you’ll be amazed!

For external use only.
With UV protection
Extensive whitening
Prevent skin pigmentation
Healthy and moisturized skin

30 Capsules in 1 jar
FDA: 10-1-6010046064

Vitamin powder certified by FDA Thailand, Halal


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snow capsule

Snow Capsule is 10 times whitening effect than the other brands. Aside from making your skin lighter, it also gives you smooth and soft skin that glows into your health. It is for external use only. Try for a week and you’ll be amazed.

Capsule nourishes your skin and it appears healthier and younger. The capsule is easy to use. Just open and add the capsule 3 to 4 pumps of your favorite lotion and it will increase the whitening effect by up to 10 times. Apply evenly to your skin every day. Deeply nourishing, smooths, and softens skin, lightens marks and imperfections, and has visible results in just a few days.

With Snow capsule and lotion, one gentle massage your dry skin helps to restore the skin’s natural firmness. If you regularly apply, you will see the difference, the skin will become softer and brighter. For the best result for your skin, you need to apply the product right after you shower, the reason is that your skin is not completely dry, this will help for fast absorption for your skin.

It is Halal and FDA approved. The jar contains 30 capsules. Trio pack contains 90 capsules. The capsule is NOT FOR INGESTION.

Snow Capsule by Gluta Frozen – Japan Formula, Manufactured in Thailand.


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