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Skincerity UA Rescue Cream will rescue your underarm from chicken skin and darkening.  Skincerity UA Rescue Cream is a gel-cream product that is easily absorbed by the skin unlike the most type of commercial underarm products that stay on the surface and cause clogged pores.

Having discoloration on the armpits is a common thing. A lot of Filipinas have it, including me. Some possible reasons for this are constant shaving, plucking, or waxing, not exfoliating the area, wearing tight clothes, and using antiperspirants.

Underarm whitening doesn’t have to be painful (and, you know, painfully expensive). Keep scrolling to find out which six super ingredients are fantastic for warding off unwanted armpit darkness. Get cookin’! There’s nothing wrong with going the natural route for lightening your underarms.

The Skincerity UA Rescue Cream is basically a tone up cream that brightens your armpits and smoothens out their appearance—plus, it has odor-controlling properties. It’s made with gentle and soothing ingredients so it’s suitable for even those with sensitive skin. It’s also lightweight, so it won’t leave you feeling sticky.

To use, simply apply a small amount on clean underarms and blend the product. Then, allow it to dry and absorb into your skin. That’s it! No need for additional Tawas, deodorant, or antiperspirant before you go about your day.

Loud and proud Manufactured in Japan. PH FDA Approved!


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