Prontosan Wound Solution & Gel Combo


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Use Prontosan Wound Gel regularly, and as a result, it reduces healing time, Removes and prevents the formation of biofilm. Prevents infections. Facilitates gentle dressing replacements. Compatible with commonly used wound dressings. Nearly everyone will experience an open wound at some point in their life.

This ensures you receive the most appropriate treatment and reduces your risk for complications and infection.

Surgical wounds can be classified into one of four categories. These categories depend on how contaminated or clean the wound is, the risk of infection, and where the wound is located on the body. Treatment for a surgical wound sometimes depends on where it’s located on the body. This involves filing a syringe with salt water and spraying the skin around the wound. Home care for a surgical wound may usually involve some of the same procedures, including frequent dressing changes and cleaning.

Pressure sores can be mostly avoided through preventive measures such as formal risk assessment and specific risk mitigation (pressure relief, preventive skincare) by minimizing risk factors.

Once a pressure sore has developed, it is important to draw up a coordinated treatment plan to induce healing and eliminate all the disruptive factors. The basic prerequisites for wound healing must be met. These include a clean wound, functioning circulation, and adequate nutrition in terms of both calories and nutrients, along with adequate fluid intake. The latter is often a problem in elderly people (as a basic rule, daily fluid intake should be 40 ml per kg of body weight).

However, wound healing is a complex process in which the skin, and the tissues under it, repair themselves after injury. Deep wound on the shin with stitches healing over five weeks. Economical 28-day shelf life after opening. Remember, only clean wounds can heal – learn more about how Prontosan supports wound healing. Use Prontosan Wound Gel now to heal your wound fast! It has No Side Effects and FDA Approved.


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